Take good care of your jewelry, and it will love you in return.

Our special handmade pieces are delicate and need regular care. Remember to take them off when you bathe, exercise, or clean.

If your sterling or silver jewelry becomes tarnished, don't worry! Here are easy and effective ways to clean and make them last longer:


- use the provided polishing cloth to make your sterling silver jewelry shine again.

- bring your jewelry to our shop, and we'll clean it with a special agent (contact us for a quote).

- mix half a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a container. Soak your jewelry for 2-3 hours, rinse it with clean water, and wipe it dry with a cloth.

- line a baking pan with aluminum foil (use ceramic or glass bakeware, not metal, to prevent chemical reactions), add hot water and 1.5 tablespoons of baking soda, then briefly immerse the tarnished silver jewelry. Repeat the process if needed, but avoid using it on jewelry with encrusted gemstones.


Gold-plated jewelry may fade over time with exposure to water, sweat, moisturizers, and perfume. Use a soft cloth to clean it; avoid using silver or gold polishing cloths with compounds.