Taking care of our planet is really important to us at LITES. That's why our jewelry brand is all about sustainability.


Materials. We use materials that are gentle on the Earth, such as recycled metals. Our skilled craftspeople put love into crafting each piece, ensuring their durability. This means you won't need to keep buying new items because they'll last a long time.


Local production. We believe in staying close and friendly. We collaborate with local businesses here in Cyprus to design and create our jewelry. This way, we support our community, avoid harming the environment through long-distance transport, and boost the local economy.


Small batches. Our jewelry is made in small groups. This prevents excess production and reduces wastage of materials.


Our goal is to create jewelry that's not only beautiful but also has a positive impact. We want to prove that elegance can go hand in hand with being environmentally conscious and respectful to the people behind the creations.